Allotment - summerMy name is Jeremy Bartlett and I’m based in Norwich in Norfolk.

Let It Grow is my blog about growing, observing, foraging for and eating plants and fungi.

I’ve been interested in plants as long as I can remember. At the age of five I started to convert my sand pit into a garden. My Dad taught me the Latin names of the plants in our back garden and my Mum showed me wild flowers in the local parks and countryside. At university I spent three years studying Botany, before graduating with a Genetics degree, which I then followed up with a PhD in Plant Genetics. When I was a student I didn’t have a garden, but I grew as many house plants as I could – limited by the small amount of money I could afford to spend on central heating.

In the 1990s my wife, Vanna, and I ran a local conservation group and spent time looking at wild flowers and fungi. We also planted British wild flowers, ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables in our back garden.

Then in 1999 we became allotment gardeners, growing our own fruit and vegetables.

More recently, we helped to set up Grapes Hill Community Garden in Norwich. I led the planting of the garden in 2011 and was Chairman of the Grapes Hill Community Garden Group, which looks after the garden, from January 2012 to March 2014.

In 2012 and 2013 we refurbished the garden at the Belvedere Centre in Norwich, our local community centre. Vanna landscaped the garden and I chose the plants. We are also involved with the recently created Friends Of Earlham Cemetery group.

Other projects include planting up Wensum View Park in Norwich and the creation of a new garden at our new house, which we moved to in 2013.

I also build websites, through my business Design Different. I volunteered as a Norfolk Master Gardener from 2010 until early 2014 when funding ran out, helping people and communities to grow their own fruit and vegetables. My wife Vanna is an artist, specialising in wildlife linocuts and paintings.

Jeremy Bartlett.