TIME: 30 minutes.

TERRAIN: Very easy. Most of the walk is on tarred or gravel paths. One section is rather soggy in winter, but dries out quickly after summer rains. Under the railway bridge can be flooded in winter.

START AND END: Reed House, Broadland Business Park.


Griffin Lane & St. Andrew's Hospital


From Reed House, head south across the car park and follow the bark chip path and wooden steps down the slope to Cafe Ritazza, with the Broadland View pub across to your left.

From Cafe Ritazza follow the cycle / pedestrian path signposted to St. Andrew’s Business Park, passing the large pond and turning left to go up the hill. Where the hill levels out, just before the Bannantyne’s Gym tennis courts and the old hospital cricket ground, turn left (about 5 minutes from Reed House) along a tarred path between a double row of mature lime trees.

Follow the lime avenue to its end, where there is a gate leading onto the bridge over the Yarmouth Road. Go through the gate, ensuring you shut it behind you, and head into the southern part of St. Andrew’s Hospital. The hospital buildings, including an impressive chapel, have been sensitively converted into houses. Continue straight down the hill and follow the hospital’s boundary wall. After about 5 minutes (10 minutes from Reed House) take the second gate on the left in the boundary wall. (The first gate leads to a children’s play area, while the gate you need to take has a “please close the gate” notice on it.)

Go through the gate onto Griffin Lane – you are at a sharp bend on the road. A right turn will take you to the Yarmouth Road (by the Griffin pub), but our route goes left, heading for a bridge under the railway.

Water can collect under the bridge in the winter. Go under the bridge (“Asylum Bridge”) and follow the road round to the left, led by signs to “City Boats”. The lane goes parallel to the railway line, with boat yards to the right.

By City Boats, continue along the road, which becomes unsurfaced. There is a gate at the end to stop traffic, but walkers can continue straight on, around the side of the gate, onto an open gravelly area with Buddleia bushes on either side and the A47 Postwick Viaduct directly ahead. (20 minutes from Reed House.)

If you want to extend your walk towards Postwick, continue staright on under the bypass bridge and follow the “Towards Postwick” walk.

Turn almost immediately left, taking a signposted path up steps and over the railway on a level crossing. (Take care when crossing.) Continue on this path between a wooden slatted fence on the left and blackthorn bushes on the right. This section is rather soggy in winter, but dries out quickly after summer rains.

The grassy path comes out at the end of Boundary Lane, which has a gravel surface initially then becomes tarred at a bend and joins the Yarmouth Road. Take care when crossing this busy road – you may have to wait several minutes. Opposite is a cycle and pedestrian path leading into Broadland Business Park. Follow this to opposite Cafe Ritazza, then go right towards the Broadland View pub and turn left up the wooden steps and follow the bark chip path back to Reed House.