TIME: 1 hour.

TERRAIN: The sections up to Smee Lane and from Low Road past Dussindale back to the Business Park are on a tarred surface, so are easy walking all year. The footpath linking Smee Lane and Low Road follows an unsurfaced path and then track – the track is muddy in winter but it is easy to find a dry route even heavy summer rain.

START AND END: Reed House, Broadland Business Park.


Smee Lane, Low Road & Dussindale


From outside the door of Reed House, walk through the car park to Peachman Way and follow the shared pedestrian and cycle path north. Turn right at the roundabout by Makro and onto Cranley Road. Follow this to the next roundabout, where Cranley Road meets Green Lane. Continue straight over onto Smee Lane. Take care as the road is narrow and is used as a cut through by drivers.

On your right is a view to the south across fields and hedgerows. Sadly much of this land is to become yet another ugly Business Park – “Broadland Gate”, so enjoy the view while you can. Continue on Smee Lane, past the entrance to a nursery and seed supplier, until you reach a footpath on your left, about 12 minutes from the start of your walk.

Take the footpath, which is quite dry and well defined, heading north between low hedges between fields. There are views of large greenhoues to the left, most of which are in a state of disrepair, with broken windows. The path now becomes a lane beside a row of poplar trees. There are puddles in the ruts of the track, but in summer you should be able to find a dry route through. Soon (20 minutes after leaving Reed House) you reach Low Lane. To the right this leads to Great Plumstead, but our route goes left, towards Dussindale.

Continue on Low Road for another five minutes. It’s mainly traffic free and has some lovely old oaks along its length. Pass a farm house and then come out onto Green Lane North, where you go right/straight on. This road is much busier so take care, especially on the bend before the railway bridge.

Immediately past the railway bridge (30 minutes from Reed House) turn left onto a tarred path between the railway and the back gardens of Dussindale houses. Follow this path south for just over 5 minutes. Shortly after a play area on the right, the path detours round the outside of some allotments, pretty in summer with red runner bean flowers and full of cabbages in the winter. They once had a view over open countryside, but the Aviva data centre now blocks that – a big greyish white shed.

Carry on beside the railway to a foot and cycle bridge over the railway. The path is signposted “cycle route to Brundall” (45 minutes from Reed House). At this point you’ll see lots of people with orange carrier bags and, if you work at Broadland Business Park, you’ll probably see some of your colleagues. Follow the path past Archant and the back of St. Andrew’s Business Park, turn left at the road and then right onto another cycle path (again signposted cycle route to Brundall) past the back of Bannantynes Gym and down into Broadland Business Park. Turn right at the end of this path (still following the cycle route to Brundall) and pass the large pond. Just past Cafe Ritazza climb the wooden stairs and follow the bark chippings path to the Aviva car park and Reed House.