TIME: 10 – 15 minutes each way.

TERRAIN: Very easy. Most of the walk is on tarred or gravel paths.

START AND END: Reed House, Broadland Business Park.


To Sainsburys


Follow the orange carrier bags!

From Reed House, head south across the car park and follow the bark chip path and wooden steps down the slope to Cafe Ritazza, with the Broadland View pub across to your left.

From Cafe Ritazza follow the cycle / pedestrian path signposted to St. Andrew’s Business Park, passing the large pond and turning left to go up the hill. Continue along the path, with the Bannantyne’s Gym tennis courts on your left and the old St. Andrew’s Hospital cricket ground on your right.

At the end of the path turn left on the road and then take the next right, onto a pedestrian and cycle path along the back of St. Andrew’s Business Park. Cross the railway line and turn left onto a cycle track signposted to the City Centre.

Where the cycle route to the city centre heads into the Dussindale estate, take a left turn through a gateway and down wooden steps to the back of Sainsburys.

To return to Reed House, retrace your steps.

For an alternative route back, go through Sainsburys car park onto Ring Road and bear left (south) to the Yarmouth Road mini roundabout. Head left out of the city along Yarmouth Road. You now have three choices of route (shown as dashed lines on the map):

  • Just before the railway bridge, cross the Yarmouth Road at a zebra crossing, go under the railway bridge and take the first road right just before the Griffin pub – Griffin Lane. Follow this as it bends to the left, then at the next righthand bend go through the gate into the south side of St. Andrew’s Hospital. Follow the road around the boundary of the hospital. At the top of the hill, go across the bridge over Yarmouth Road, through a gate at the end and along a tarmac road between lime trees. At the end turn right and follow the cycle route signs to Brundall, back to Cafe Ritazza.  From here, head back to Reed House via the wooden steps and bark chip path.  Sainsburys to Reed House takes 20 – 25 minutes one way.
  • Go under the railway bridge and continue to a roundabout. Turn left here into St. Andrew’s Business Park and follow cycle route signs to Brundall to get back into Broadland Business Park. Sainsburys to Reed House takes 15 – 20 minutes one way.
  • Go under the railway bridge and continue to a roundabout. Carry straight on and go under an arched overbridge. The bank along here has lots of violets and other spring flowers in March and April. Just past Broadland Will Writers, take a cycle / pedestrian path into Broadland Business Park. Follow this to Cafe Ritazza, then turn right towards the Broadland View pub and back to Reed House via the steps and bark chip path. Sainsburys to Reed House takes 15 – 20 minutes one way.